Ninja Gaiden

Ninja Gaiden Game Box

Ninja Gaiden Box Cover Art

Ninja Gaiden was a Nintendo NES released by Tecmo in 1989 based on the popular arcade game of the same name.  However, in Japan it was called Ninja Ryukenden and in some regions, Shadow Warriors.

The original arcade version played more like a punch-em-up like the Double Dragon series.  The Nintendo NES version of Ninja Gaiden was the first console game to feature cinematic cut scenes which is pretty much the standard of today’s gaming community.

The game was popular enough to spin-off 13 alternate versions and sequels of the game and was available on numerous consoles including Sega, Game Gear and Xbox.

// Ninja Gaiden Flash

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439 Nintendo NES Games

Nintendo Games For Sale

All this for less than $3 a game??

Check out this amazing eBay auction for 439 Nintendo NES Cartridge’s.  It’s quite an impressive collection of NES games.  Most of the games have a few if not all of the sequels for some of the more popular titles.

Any fan looking to beef up their collection or start a new one should look no further than this auction.  For $1299.99, it’s not a bad price either.  Usually I prefer to showcase outrageous and outlandish auctions, but this one is just too good not to post.  At that price it only works out to less than $3 per game.  An awesome price if you ask me.

If you have the money lying around (which I know I don’t) maybe this is the auction for you.

Check out the auction here.

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Skate or Die!

Skate or Die NES Screenshot

The halfpipe event in Skate or Die!

Released in 1987 by Electronic Arts, Skate or Die is a skateboarding event game in the style of old school Epyx event based games.

Players can compete against each other or the Nintendo NES in a series of skateboarding events from the pool joust to the downhill jam.

The game had fairly good success mostly due to the skateboarding scene that was taking over the west coast in the late 80’s.

Skate or Die NES

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Nintendo NES Power Glove Commercial

Originally released in 1989 by AGE and manufactured by Mattel, the Power Glove was a Nintendo disaster.  Selling over 100,00 units in the US, the Power Glove only had 2 games (Super Glove Ball and Bad Street Brawler) that were made specifically for the controller.  As cool as the controller looked to preteens everywhere, it was a critical failure and was ranked the 7th worst video game controller by IGN.

The cool part about the Power Glove is how the technology predated the Nintendo Wii controllers by 17 years.  The retro looking glove is also a lot cooler looking then the Wii’s remote if you ask me.

2 more additional games specifically made for the Power Glove were announced in 1991, but sadly were never released.

Originally selling for around $100 in 1989, you can pretty much find them on eBay in the $10-$30 range.

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Sealed Nintendo NES Games

Nintendo NES Auction

All games sealed and original boxes? NICE!

Here’s an eBay auction for you hardcore collectors. Someone in France is selling a whole whack of Nintendo NES and SNES sealed games and accessories. These are the french versions, but they still look very cool and will have any serious Nintendo collector salivating.

The auction comes complete with 10 sealed NES games including all 3 of the Super Mario Bros. Series. It also comes with a Zapper, Game Genie, Nintendo Advantage controller and a few more accessories all in their original boxes.

It also includes the NES Miracle, a MIDI piano used for teaching people how to play the keyboard. I have personally never seen or heard of this device, but it looks very cool.

And all with a price tag of $290,000! Check out this auction now.

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Nintendo Pro Wrestling

Pro Wrestling Nintendo NES

A Winner Is You

Released in 1986, before games were licensed by WWE, WCW and MMA, Pro Wrestling was the second wrestling game released on the Nintendo Entertainment System and would go on to be ranked 172 of the top 200 Nintendo games by Nintendo Power.

Pro Wrestling featured 7 different wrestlers, each with their own skills and powers.  Players can either play a 2-player match or compete through the ranks of the VWA in single player mode until they take on the Great Puma.  The Great Puma has been considered one of the most difficult bosses to ever appear in a NES game.

Pro Wrestling also features one of the worst translations from Japanese to English which resulted in the caption “The Winner Is You” when a player wins a match.  This example of bad grammar has become an Internet phenomenon up there with the other infamous caption, “All Your Base Are Belong To Us.”

Pro Wrestling NES

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Final Fantasy Orb

Final Fantasy Orb

$150,000 - No problems!

Attention Final Fantasy fans, this eBay auction is for you, that is if you have an extra $150,000 lying around!

No matter how you slice it, this just seems crazy.  I understand that there is a huge collectible market for video games.  Combine that with fans from Final Fantasy and a very cool looking collectible that just had a 50 piece run, but this orb does have an absurd value.

Don’t get me wrong.  The orb is awesome.  It’s well crafted and very unique and I’m sure any fan would go gaga over it.  50 pressings is very, very limited, but I just don’t see the market for it.  Hopefully someone proves me wrong and grabs the orb.

So get in line.  Just don’t forget your wallet.

Check out the Final Fantasy orb here.

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