Nintendo Pro Wrestling

Pro Wrestling Nintendo NES

A Winner Is You

Released in 1986, before games were licensed by WWE, WCW and MMA, Pro Wrestling was the second wrestling game released on the Nintendo Entertainment System and would go on to be ranked 172 of the top 200 Nintendo games by Nintendo Power.

Pro Wrestling featured 7 different wrestlers, each with their own skills and powers.  Players can either play a 2-player match or compete through the ranks of the VWA in single player mode until they take on the Great Puma.  The Great Puma has been considered one of the most difficult bosses to ever appear in a NES game.

Pro Wrestling also features one of the worst translations from Japanese to English which resulted in the caption “The Winner Is You” when a player wins a match.  This example of bad grammar has become an Internet phenomenon up there with the other infamous caption, “All Your Base Are Belong To Us.”

Pro Wrestling NES

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