Nintendo NES Power Glove Commercial

Originally released in 1989 by AGE and manufactured by Mattel, the Power Glove was a Nintendo disaster.  Selling over 100,00 units in the US, the Power Glove only had 2 games (Super Glove Ball and Bad Street Brawler) that were made specifically for the controller.  As cool as the controller looked to preteens everywhere, it was a critical failure and was ranked the 7th worst video game controller by IGN.

The cool part about the Power Glove is how the technology predated the Nintendo Wii controllers by 17 years.  The retro looking glove is also a lot cooler looking then the Wii’s remote if you ask me.

2 more additional games specifically made for the Power Glove were announced in 1991, but sadly were never released.

Originally selling for around $100 in 1989, you can pretty much find them on eBay in the $10-$30 range.

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